One nite, like usual back in my bar toting running shit while drunk days, I pick’d out a girl I wanted to hook up with. We got drunk, she had a hot body (realizing the next day that was about it, “butter face”) and I took her into the backroom. The VIP room! I had never heard the term no sex in the champagne room but that didn’t matter, cause I wasn’t plannin on fucking in there. But we started to kiss and shit, she was wearin a short dress, so I decided I’d do the normal deed and pull her shit to the side, flick that clit and feel the moisture in between. Ya I fingered that bitch. Typical but cool as shit everytime. Once we were done we decided to head back to her crib. As I normally do, when she was unaware I stealthy swiped my fingers across my face to see if I could sense any odor. I always think it’s a good idea to test that shit, make sure u know what ur gettin’ into. Sure enough it was TERRIBLE!! But for some reason I continued with her on the way to her house. The entire time I was thinking, “fuck am I gonna do this,” cause the bitch was defs DTF. When we finally got back to her house, I didn’t have to do anything before she was naked. At this point I’d had too much time to sober up and think about how horrible the smell was coming out of the hole I was about to potentially put my penis in. She was fully naked on the bed and I said to myself “FUCK THIS!” I threw my hoodie back on and came up with a some smooth excuse of how I had to go link with my boy and do some after 2am zombie shit!! I bounced the fuck out praising the safety of my dick, and then went and met up with my homie and put my fingers up to his face and said “SMELL THIS SHIT!” fin

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