Went to an intimate and first class bday gathering at the home of one of the wealthiest men in the world the other night. I was talking to an older gentleman in the hallway. He was so charming and I knew what I wanted…he kissed me several times, then pulls out his schlong so I can see…next thing I know, I’m in the ultra fancy lieu nearby, with my black tights completely ripped open at the crotch and I’m bent over the sink looking at him in the mirror. Of course it went from there to the floor to the toilet to the doorframe and walls…etc. I may have heard a few people knocking during those 45 min but I needed privacy. He walked out and then I walked out to a few people standing in the hallway with my ass pretty much exposed by, what were now, crotchless tights and my jacket was where?….hmmmm. Always classy… never trashy.

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