College life was ummmmm quite the life. So my friends come over one day and theyre discussing something in my bathroom. “What are you guys doing in there??” and I see them looking in my medicine cabinet. There it was My huge bottle of Vicks vapor rub !!!! Great …. here we go. ” Okay… they say what the hell is this for?” “Okay” I say …” you know how I love goin down on girls right”…. “YES we know that… but vicks vapor rub???? ” “well if a gal has a really bad odor I wont give up on the fun times…. so I excuse myself and skip to the bathroom. Open the cabinet and dig my finger into the infamous Vicks 10 Oz. bottle and shove the contents in my nose. Menthol smell and back to heaven!!!!!” They exclaim ” kind of like when a coroner picks apart a dead body and they shove that stuff in their nose?” Exactly buh bye

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