Bar Confessions was illegitimately born on February 14th 2011 (yes-Valentine’s Day-ugh) in a small red room at a fave drinking establishment. Two artists at heart start ranting and raving about love, women, lack of women, job, and not having one. Then we try to one up each other on crazy stories about pretty much everything that happened to us. All of a sudden it dawned on us – how many other people have crazy stories, rants, or raves about drunken bouts of confusion, work hours filled with horrid co-workers, and much worst – the all annoying boss. Poetry of bad sex, good sex you don’t remember, relationships that you wished never happened – all this trapped up there in the cerebral cortex wishing to be released.

Bingo!!! Thus spawned Bar Confessions. A site for anyone to anonymously (unlike other major sites) post your confessions/stories for the rest of the world to enjoy, comment on and share*. Time to spill your guts, not your drinks.

Oleg and Wallace

*We don’t want stories of racism, that are vicious in nature, or sexually offensive. Bar Confessions reserves the right to post portions of stories we deem necessary and can be related to by all. For more information refer to Terms and Conditions.