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I have to confess that it really is sad to get texts from an ex. And you feel the same way but know deep down it could never work out. Romeo and Juliet in the modern monetary world we preside in. Sad.

wednesday-saturday night never a miss! I save $$$ View full article »

the first time i shit my pants at a bar i was at james joyce, i suppose View full article »

I can’t think of anything to type here that I don’t on FACEBOOK

Yes I was the one that puked in the Press Room last night. Window View full article »

I hate it when you become interested in a girl and you lagged on asking View full article »

sitting at a bar with some mates and this guy screams View full article »

Big night out, I mistakenly got dressed after downing a lot of vodka… View full article »

I confess that I’m gonna shit my pants if the Lakers don’t pull it tonight

My best friends dad is so hot… Don’t know what to do and he’s rich

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